4 July 2015
In Ecuador, Stop Those Who Are Committing Treason!

I left Ecuador almost two weeks ago. And I was in terrible pain.

Correa supporters protect the Carondelet palace, July 2

How can people tolerate those clowns from the “opposition”? Don’t they see that this is the same clique that is destabilizing the world on behalf of the Empire? I described them in my two latest books: they do the same things in Ukraine and Hong Kong, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Cuba, Eritrea!

In the short time that I spent in Ecuador, I managed to drive to Riobamba, fly to Cuenca and travel by land to Ingapirca. I visited humble indigenous villages and grand theatres and cultural centers of Quito.

I can testify that Ecuador changed! I still remember how it used to be: poor humiliated and robbed, in the 1990’s, when I was based in this part of the world, writing about Peruvian “Dirty War” just across the border.

And later, still totally messed up, right before Correa came to power.

I remember depressing, dirty, hopeless roads of Guayaquil. I remember desperate people living on the streets of Quito: some sick, some very sick, receiving no help from the state. I remember children begging, and adult beggars exposing their scars and wounds.

The ‘elites’ of Ecuador were robbing their own countrymen. There was one government after another falling: imbeciles, bandits, and thugs! One worse than another...

Now look around: isn’t it obvious what tremendous progress Ecuador register under this administration? I can hardly recognize Quito. I can hardly recognize the countryside!

Hospitals, schools, electricity, potable water, sanitation, clean streets, wide sidewalks, public transportation, new roads and airports, cultural institutions, playgrounds for children, brand new libraries!

All in such a short time! What else can be done in a few years? How much more can be demanded?

In a small town of Tanicuchi, villagers told me that they don’t want to pay taxes. Great! But they enjoy new infrastructure. They complain that they have to wait when they are getting free medical care. Well, they have to wait everywhere, even in Europe, don’t they? And things cannot become ideal, perfect, in just a few years.

The ‘opposition’ is attacking this administration, and there are rumors that they will soon try to destabilize entire Ecuador, to “get rid of Correa”, as I was openly told by one of them – by a black-shirted “protester” near a shopping mall.

And what will they offer if the succeed? Corruption and more corruption! Not that ‘mild corruption’ that is unfortunately common in almost all societies, even in the most progressive ones. They will corrupt everything, as they used to in the past: natural resources, education, and foreign loans!

It will be the same gang of people that was ruling Ecuador; the same morally corrupt pack as in Peru, as in Bolivia before Evo and in Venezuela before Chavez!

People, do you really want them back in power?!

Do you want their Hummers, their gated communities and private religious schools to guide Ecuador morally?

They have nothing to offer, nothing to give. They only take. And they do not serve the people of South America; they only serve the interests of the West, of the Empire, and of their own deep pockets.

Here, this is my latest, big report on Ecuador. I wrote it there, and I will write it again and again: ‘elites’ in Latin America are committing treason! They are siding with Washington, Madrid, London, and multi-nationals, against their own fellow citizens. They are plotting coups; creating shortages, and use their right-wing media as propaganda tools.

President Allende of Chile made one decisive mistake in 1973: he knew that the coup was coming, but he refused to act. Why? They say it is because he was ‘true democrat’: he did not want to arrest people on assumption that they will commit despicable crimes. . But his adversaries were beasts! Result was predictable: he was killed, and so were thousands of Chilean people. Democracy was killed, too. Women were raped. Tens of thousands were tortured.

Do you think it will be any better now, if the extreme-right comes back to power in Venezuela or Ecuador?

Citizens of Ecuador, of Venezuela and of all socialist countries of Latin America have to defend their revolution; in the name of true freedom, and in the name of the majority which was deprived and humiliated for long decades and centuries.

It has to be done by reason or by force. Treason should not be tolerated. Whenever it is, thousands of innocent people die, and lives of millions get thoroughly destroyed!

3 July, Manaus, Brazil  

Correa supporters protect the Carondelet palace, July 2. Photo: Tamara Pearson
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